Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Get Mobile Now - Or You'll Disappear!

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There are almost as many mobile phones registered (in use) as their are prospective users. The Global Futurist Blog predicts that by the first quarter if 2015, for each user, there will be approximately 1.5 mobile devices. If you are not converting your technology and strategy to mobile marketing (if you own an internet-based business, or even if you own a local shop with a limited geographical locus), your business will either fall of on the revenue side or will be completely displaced by one of your more infographic and marketing savvy competitors -- existing, or in the immediate future. Following is an article summary from SmartPlanet which alludes to this undeniable and accelerating trend:

The number of cell phone subscriptions worldwide has risen dramatically in just a few years.
What actionable items should you have on your whiteboard?

1) Have excellent reliable texting services, for alerts and for two-way communications;

2) Get used to using a QR code for your business, and integrate it into your advertising specialties. Make it a decoration;

3) Allow prospects an option to subscribe, order and pay via their mobile devices;

4) Use email to drive traffic to your mobile campaign (give QR Codes and mobile Short Codes);

5) Insert very brief links to personalized, impact-filled, mini voice mails from your organization into some of your messaging.

Now please -- go out and take the necessary action. Also be certain that your websites and blogs are mobile-friendly in terms of formatting flexibility, if they were not originally designed in anticipation of the mobile device revolution.

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Douglas E. Castle

Run your mobile device (with its download QR Code Reader App) over the following to see what it says:

Pass it from one person to the next. I'll know that we've really done it when the QR code arrives on my mobile telephone! Spread this image.



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